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Look at My Leontine

Penelope Embroidered Monogram and Vesta Embroidered Border 

Designed by: Melissa Rufty 

Blaise Embroidered Monogram 

Designed by: Ruthie Sommers 

Alcott Applique Monogram 

Designed by: Traci Zeller 

Rebecca Applique Monogram and Double Bands 

Designed by: Katie Scott Design

Grace Scroll Applique Border 

Designed by: Nathan Turner 

Penelope Embroidered Monogram 

Designed by: Melissa Rufty 

Melissa Embroidered Monogram and Arch Applique Border 

Designed by: Fannie Allen 

Double Line Embroidery and Michael Applique Monogram 

Designed by: Sam Allen 

Ophelia Embroidered Mongram and Reeve Applique Border 

Designed by: Alexa Hampton

Reed Frame Applique Monogram 

Designed by: Laura Tutun Interiors 

Kinsey Applique Monogram 

Designed by Christopher Spitzmiller and Harry Heissmann

Etienne Applique Monogram 

Designed by: Margaux Interiors 

Claude Applique Border, Lisette Embroidered Border, Chloe Embroidered Monogram 

Designed by: Cathy Kincaid 

Dorian Monogram 

Designed by Lisa Henderson

Double Bands with Christopher Monogram 

Designed by: EJ Interiors 

Mark Applique Monogram Bedding 

Designed by Liz Caan Interiors 

Cameo Applique Monogram 

Designed by Katie Scott Design

Wyatt Applique Border 

Designed by Tharon Anderson Design

Kinsey Monogram and Madison Border 

Designed by Margaux Interiors Limited 

Alcott Applique Monogram 

Designed by J. Randall Powers Interior Design 

Eloise Ribbon Applique 

Designer by Munger Interiors