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House Beautiful - May 2018

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House Beautiful - May 2018

Every room in Matthew Carter’s home boasts classic silhouettes with contemporary variations. In Carter’s Lexington, Kentucky home, he pulls out all the stops, explores every corner of the room, and empties his wallet for beautiful artwork.

One of our favorite places to look in Carter’s rooms is down. The floors in this home are unbelievably eye catching, intricate, and daring. From the kitchen’s hand-stained floor to the master bath’s marble tiles, the geometric designs, although different, create a sense of unity as you move throughout the home.

Evan Embroidered Monogram

Carter’s master bedroom houses his favorite things. It’s no secret Carter has a love for color, pattern, and playing with a mix. Our beautiful bed linens tie the look together, perfectly matching the beautiful eggplant curtains.

One Inch Bands

Whatever the style, Leontine Linens are the perfect way to create a cohesive look in your bedroom, bathroom, or dining room. To find Leontine's wide array of color offerings, click here.